Window Restoration and Polishing

Many buildings suffer from glass stains due to exposure to the elements or minerals leaching from adjacent pre-cast concrete or masonry onto the glass surface. This damage is unable to be removed with standard window cleaning procedures and requires glass restoration in order to remove the stains. Engineered Restorations, Inc.’s glass restoration and glass renewal services often save a substantial amount of money when compared to glass replacement. We have the knowledge, the correct tools, and the proper equipment to perform a wide variety of repairs to glass surfaces. 

Exterior Facade Washing / Cleaning

Over the course of time, many elements conspire to dull the bright, clean appearance of a building’s façade. This is due to exposure to things such as mildew, sap, pollution, and pollen. Engineered Restorations, Inc. specializes in removing the toughest stains safely and quickly from building facades.  We use professional grade environmentally friendly products to maintain compliance with all applicable laws and standards

Caulking / Joint Replacement

An important aspect of building maintenance that is often overlooked is the replacement of the joint sealants and caulking on a building’s exterior façade. Properly functioning sealants on your commercial structure is vital for the protection of building components and prevention of water intrusion. Engineered Restorations, Inc. has over 18 years of experience in commercial and high rise joint sealant replacement including replacement of control joints, wet glazing of windows,  and caulking of dissimilar materials. 

Striping and Sealcoating

New asphalt has a very deep black color and over time will turn gray from the elements. The sun, ultra violet rays, heat, cold, rain and snow will cause the asphalt to dry out and lose the tar and bitumen that provided its flexible properties leaving a surface that will crack and deteriorate creating costly repairs and reduce the life of your pavement. Seal coating can be applied for a fraction of the cost of repairing or replacing an existing asphalt surface. Sealcoating is an economical way to safeguard your asphalt investment. 

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