Industrial Floor Repair and Maintenance

Maintaining concrete floors in commercial and industrial facilities is essential for proper day to day operations. Compromised or deteriorated concrete can contribute to equipment damage, disruption of operations, and safety concerns. Engineered Restorations, Inc. offers the expertise and experience necessary to perform all aspects of floor repairs and maintenance including crack repair, overlays, moisture vapor emission repair, curled slabs, control and expansion joint repairs, and sealing.

Leak Testing & Investigation

A common issue that building owners and property managers face is recognizing and determining the source of interior moisture leaks.  Moisture can enter a building and travel many routes before it shows up on the interior of a building. Establishing the source of water intrusion in a building’s exterior can be a laborious job. Performing a detailed façade analysis to determine potential avenues of moisture intrusion requires experience from past inspections. Engineered Restorations, Inc. has the knowledge and expertise to assist engineers, consultants, and property owners in determining the source of the leak and provide the necessary remedial repairs.

Pipe Inspection

Most water problems are the result of corrosion and erosion within the pipe. These chemical reactions, which are a result of water coming into contact with metal or concrete, can wear away and weaken pipe walls. Failing pipe systems can result in a number of water problems that can range from annoying to costly to dangerous. Engineered Restorations, Inc. offers a full range of sewer and storm drain inspection and restoration services to industrial, commercial, and municipal wastewater infrastructure owners and operators.

Post Tensioning Cable Repairs

Post Tension Cable (PT cable) reinforced structures use steel cables as strengthening components. These cables are tensioned prior to removal of the forms during original construction. Damage to PT cables frequently occurs when holes are cored or cutting of the post tensioned slab takes place without regard to the installed cables. Engineered Restorations, Inc. can repair damaged PT cables by splicing the damaged area and hydraulically re-tensioning the cable to design specifications.

Davits and Roof Anchorage Systems

Davits, along with tie-back anchors are devices used for suspending powered platforms on a building for the purposes of performing exterior maintenance, such as window washing or construction-related activities. Engineered Restorations provides professional instillation and service for all of your davit and roof anchorage needs.

Vehicular Barrier Cable System Repairs

Used for full vehicular and pedestrian protection. Barrier cable is a cost effective solution to provide vehicular and pedestrian fall protection along the separation of the parking garage ramps and horizontals, as well as the perimeter of the building. Engineered Restorations, Inc. can assist in all vehicular barrier cable repair needs.

Industrial Associations & Partners