Epoxy Pressure Injection

Cracks in concrete which pose a structural threat can be injected with low-viscosity epoxy resin to effectively bond or weld concrete back together. A variety of materials and delivery systems are used by Engineered Restorations, Inc. to accomplish this sensitive repair procedure.

Carbon Fiber Strengthening

Concrete members that require additional tensile or flexural strength or experience unwanted deflection are repaired utilizing state-of-the-art carbon fiber technology to effectively increase capacity and return structural integrity. In addition, carbon fiber can be used as a “jacket” for pile or column reinforcement and containment.

Cementitious Grouting

Concrete structures which have settled or developed voids in or around them can be repaired by pressure grouting using various cement-based products. Additionally, abandoned pipes or pits can be filled to eliminate safety concerns. Engineered Restorations, Inc. uses custom tailored mix designs for each project to ensure optimum results. 

Specialized Concrete Placement

In many cases, additional concrete must be added or replaced to existing concrete members to increase capacity or strength. To effectively accomplish placement, Engineered Restorations, Inc. utilizes custom forming systems and selective reinforcements, as well as uniquely enhanced concrete mixes including fiber reinforcement, superplastisizer, and silica fume.

Helical Piers / Tiebacks

Concrete structures can experience excessive foundation settlement and deterioration due to unstable soils or rock formations. Retaining walls can be effectively stabilized with tiebacks, soil nails, or grouted anchors. Foundations can be stabilized and can actually be raised with helical piers. Engineered Restorations, Inc. will often utilize these procedures in conjunction with cementitious grouting and shotcrete to achieve the greatest success and desired result.

Spall Repair and Patching

Spalls, honeycombs or unconsolidated concrete can be repaired using a wide variety of materials and application techniques including hand and machine applied polymer systems and epoxy bonded conventional concrete. These processes return the concrete member back to its original designed condition.

Polyurethane Injection and Grouting

Leaking cracks and joints in concrete can lead to corrosion of steel reinforcement and can pose a maintenance problem. Engineered Restorations, Inc. utilizes water activated polyurethane grouts that are injected into cracks or joints to effectively halt water flow.

The polyurethane products used by Engineered Restorations, Inc. are non-flammable, NSF approved for potable water, and essentially non-toxic. Proprietary variable pressure and ration injection pumps are used to ensure proper installation.

In addition to cracks in concrete, polyurethane grouts are routinely used by Engineered Restorations, Inc. to stabilize soils, fill voids, and to encase underground structures. 

Shotcrete / Sliplining

Engineered Restorations, Inc. utilizes shotcrete (pneumatically delivered concrete) to reline deteriorated pipelines, culverts and storm sewers. Shotcrete is also utilized for slope stabilization. Another pipe repair method offered by Engineered Restorations, Inc. is sliplining, which entails slipping a new pipe into an existing deteriorated pipe and grouting the annular space. 

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