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Project Overview:

ERI contracted through GA Power to install a new pipe in the deteriorating RCP ash pond outfall. The outfall lateral was removed by demolition and replaced with a formed in place new lateral set to the retaining pond elevation. Once completed a new fiberglass pipe was installed (slip lined) in the outfall horizontal pipe and the annulus void between the original RCP and the new fiberglass pipe was pressure grouted. During construction five diesel powered pumps were used to hold the ash pond from entering the work zone. This became a financial burden to the client over the course of just a few weeks due to the amount of fuel being used. ERI suggested a siphon system consisting of two nine hundred and fifty feet by eighteen-inch HDPE pipe that could be used for the completion of the project and any additional future projects.

Services Provided:

- Slip Lining

- Formed concrete pour

- HDPE siphon installation

- Automatic siphon startup

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